The Women's Winter Weekend is coming!

By CDWatson |  February 28, 2014

Women’s Winter Weekend
February &28, 2014
The Women's Winter Weekend Is coming! This yearly event is here yet again to lift the spirtis of any woman and show them a more excellent way. This two day Event will include a workshop facilitated by the Dr.Anita Davis,Clinical Psychologist & Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Rhodes College. The speaker for the Sunday morning service will be Elder Christine Watson, Master of Divinity in Church Administration, Founder and CEO of CD Watson Ministries Inc., and Ministry Connoisseurs inc., which specializes in graphics, web design, church and Para church Ministry Formation incorporation for churches, ministries and other community based entities. These events will be held At Riverside Recreation Center, 1000 Riverside Avenue, Clarksdale. Be sure to drop by and hear the word that God has ready for you!
Saturday: Winter’s Winter Weekend Opening Plenary 10:00 A.M.
Sunday: Women Worship and the Word 10:00 A.M.