Expect to Receive!

Expect To Receive!

    Though many of us who embrace Christian spirituality have heard uncounted quotes from the Matthew 7 passage that says “Ask and it shall be given; seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” We must examine ourselves as instructed by the Apostle Paul. Then and only then after a period of self examination can we see whether or not we fully expect to receive. After much dialogue with Christian colleagues and contemporaries and a large number of counseling sessions with parishioners and clients, I have become quite conscious of the fact that many who ask just go through the motions of asking in prayer and walking away barely expecting to receive as though it is a gamble whether or not they can or will actually receive the answer to their prayer and supplication.

If you slow it down and carefully re-read the passage with an open mind, you will see that asking and receiving are two elements of the same process. If one asks, then the process is not complete until one receives. During the time between the asking and the receiving, the “Inbetween Time” as Elder Edward Higgs calls it, one must earnestly expect. Simple: Asking + Expecting = Receiving. Always remember; the only time you will not receive when you ask and expect is if God has determined that God cannot answer your prayer because it would be against your greater good to do so. Also remember that delay is not always denial. The act of seeking is just the mode of behavior which evidences the fact and faith that the asker is consciously ready to receive. So don’t just ask. I exhort you complete the process so that you will also receive.
Below are steps to help you receive:
  1. Ask in prayer.

  2. Demonstrate your expectancy by looking for it to come your way.

  3. Do not speak words that do not agree with your receiving.

  4. Thank God for the manifestation even while you seek and wait.


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