Forgive Yourself

Scripture Text:  St. Matthew 6:14-15
How many of us in our quest to do our "forgiveness work" as Stratton Smith calls , that is to say forgiving both the debts and actions of those who have sinned against us, neglect to forgive ourselves?  If the forgiveness principle is that we must forgive in order to be forgiven; or sow the seed of forgiveness in order for the Heavenly Father to multiply his manifold forgiveness back to us, then surely the liberating power of forgiveness must be broad enough, deep enough, and wide enough to include you.
It takes only a slightly closer examination of self to see that as we performed our "forgiveness work" so that our prayers may be answered according to the preceeding verses of our text, we forgot to forgive ourselves.  Yes!  Take a closer look and see yourself as God sees you and realize that according to the forgiveness principle you do not qualify for your prayers to be answered or your supplications to be granted because after of all your forgiveness work you are yet guilty of unforgiveness.  You remembered to forgive everyone but you.  Jesus, that rabbi of excellence commands us in Matthew's gospel 22:39 ..."love your neighbor as yourself".  I hear the Holy Spirit saying that you are making much progress in loving your neighbor.  But how much do you love yourself?
Don't just start on your forgiveness work; and yes it does take work. But utilize the entire forgiveness principle and forgive yourself.  Then as the scripture indicates, the Divine will hear your prayers and surely answer.
Until next time.
Blessings And Peace


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